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If you are interested in signing up to participate in the Nutritional Research Foundation's Vegan DHA study, don't miss your chance! So far, all groups under age 69 have been filled. We are still enrolling vegan men and women who are 70 years and older.

If you have been vegan for at least three years and are not currently taking an essential fatty acid supplement, then you may be eligible to participate. Please click here to participate in a short survey to determine your eligibility. Or, please send the link to friends or family members who you think might be interested. Participants will be asked to provide information on what they eat for three days plus give a one-time finger stick blood sample mailed to the lab using a pre-paid envelope. The blood analysis is a vital part of this study because it will help determine baseline DHA levels in vegans. The total time necessary to participate will be about three hours.

People who provide their blood sample will be able to get information about their blood levels of essential fatty acids and will receive a $20.00 Target gift card mailed to their home. A small number of people will also be offered the chance to be involved with the second part of the study where they will take a vegan omega-3 supplement for three months.

Thank you to everyone who has already signed up for what we think will be an important research study.